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Do you need a remanufactured Yale transmission?  AIT stocks them.

Do you need parts for a Yale transmission?  AIT stocks them.

Do you need help in assembling or repairing a Yale transmission?  AIT can help.

Simply call American Industrial Transmission at 800.588.7515 and talk with one of our representatives.  Knowledgeable persons, not machines, answer our phones.  You will be pleased with the level of customer service that we offer.  From your first question, you will be assured that you have contacted the right supplier.

AIT carries transmissions for older Yale forklifts and current models too.  AIT rebuilds the drive units for Yale electric lift trucks.  Yale torque converters are remanufactured in house.  Rebuild kits for Yale transmissions are stocked for your convenience.  Control valves, transmission parts, gasket kits, and other Yale products are on the shelf.  Just call American Industrial Transmission at 800.588.7515 for a quote on the items that you need.

Many years ago Yale used a fluid coupling instead of a torque converter.  AIT cannot supply fluid couplings.  We do supply a wide range of reman torque converters.  We can remanufacture your converter within 48 hours of receipt.  We stock a large variety of converters, and may have an exchange available for your forklift.

American Industrial Transmission does not repair oil clutch style transmissions for Yale.  The parts for these transmissions are no longer available.  Without parts, no repairs can be made.  We do service a number of Yale automatic transmissions in older Yale lift trucks. Call AIT at 800.588.7515 and give us the model and serial number from your forklift.  We will research the transmission and converter part number in a matter of minutes.  Your price and availability are usually given during a single phone call.